Zip Line Rides Attract Thousands

Zip line rides attract thousands of new guests to cities, resorts, and attraction sites each year.
According to this latest article in the Ottawa, Illinois Times, zip line rides make great revenue generators:

“The zip-line course coming to Marseilles will bring at least 10,000 to 12,000 customers to town every year, said Steve Gustafson, founder and CEO of Experienced Based Learning Canopy Tours, which will build the attraction this year.
‘And that’s being hyper-conservative with my numbers,’ he told The Times.
At other zip-line courses there are closer to 30,000 guests each year, he said.”

While Soaring Eagle Zip Line Rides are not large scale zip lines like the one going up in Marseilles, the fact is, zip line rides are popular crowd magnets that can attract hoards of new visitors to your attraction site each year.

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